The IV Tower

At the turn of the 21st century, a technology has been created that allows one to send a radio signal backwards in time.  Rogue bits of code bump up against our severs, they find their way onto our devices. Someone, or something, is desperately trying to send the past a dire warning. Is anyone listening? Does anyone care?

The 4th Tower is a cyberpunk audio drama. Episodes are in the player at the bottom of the page, or click the EPISODES link at the top right.

The year is 2060. Two decades of conflict has torn the United States to pieces. The North American Conflict has devolved into street-to-street battles, suburban airstrikes, guerrilla tactics. Four major players vie for control of what remains. The Federal Government and its global allies, The Mega-corporations, Remnant Militia, and The Stormcallers.

The Federal Government and the United Nations:  Fighting a civil war for the last 20 years has all but depleted the US military. Many of its ranks defected or deserted at the very beginning, leaving whole areas in America to fend for themselves. Thanks to the “Globalization” efforts of past administrations, the international community was ready to swoop in and save America from “radical extremists”.

Remnant: A God-fearing, gun-toting militia with no qualms about using force. Labeled as a terrorist network by the US government and the international community alike. Remnant are a highly spiritual people with the will to fight, and the means to do so. The cell-like groups that make up the Remnant are mostly autonomous, there is no centralized command structure. Most Remnant are Christian, but being Christian is not a requirement to join their ranks, nor is it a qualification by itself. Only patriotism and loyalty are.

The Stormcallers: The enigmatic people, of a small island between Canada and the US, that have supernatural abilities. At one point the Remnant and Stormcallers were the same entity (MOSS), but a schism in political and spiritual beliefs drove the two apart. Both groups are neutral to one another.

Gamma Protection Infrastructure (GPI): One of the top Paramilitary corporations in America. Their soldiers for hire are all genetically and cybernetically modified. Top-shelf killers for top-shelf prices.  When the US government needs skullduggery done, GPI are not far behind.

Clayton Inc. : Founded by Aldous Clayton, the former CEO, Clayton Inc has business ventures ranging from biotech (Vita-Technologies) to arms manufacturing (CAMI). A true mega-corporation.


Episode Re-cap

1 – Deja Vu (pilot episode): Marcus departs Navy Island for the first time in his adult life, encountering the dangers that now encompass America. He meets with his grandfather for the first time since he was a baby. The trouble is; Gramps now stands a General in a militia estranged from the Stormcallers. 

2 – Parley : FBI Agent Terry Collins makes his initial statements regarding his Internal Affairs Investigation. Marcus recounts his telepathic message with Zach, then spends time with the Remnant and Harold. Darkness lurks close by…

3 – Wayward Sol : Ezra holds a live radio interview with Biotech CEO Aldous Clayton. Marcus and the Remnant prepare for the worst. GPI’s strike team does recon of a contested city under lockdown. General Jackson tries to save his sister-in-law from the mega-corps. Agent Collins tells more about his Navy Island mission.

4 – Interloper : Richard Clayton tests the executive board (in 1998). Jason Dara engages fanatics at the hospital in MI, and learns a terrifying truth. Harold gives an update on the Dopler scourge. A new player rears it’s head….

5 – GateK33per : Marcus faces off with a threat larger than life. Kaplan struggles to hold his militia family together in the wake of battle. Zachariah plots, then and now. Franklin tries to make the best of a crappy situation…

Contributing Artists

Welcome to the Afternow...
4th Tower is a post-apocalyptic story built around lore and concepts derived from Sean Kennedy's Tales From The Afternow. Fan's of the series will probably notice several cameos throughout this new work. Keep in mind, however, 4T is not intended to be canon with the inspiring source material of TFTAN.

CAST (1989 – 2030)

  • Aldous Clayton
  • Forge
  • Olyvher
  • Erin Miller
  • Jonah (Derrick Suanders)
  • Harold Moore
  • Melissa Moore
  • Agent Terry Collins
  • Bill Kendall
  • Richard Clayton
  • Timoris
  • Mendacium
  • Fixer
  • Cybil
  • Lietner
  • Ezra Miller
  • O.B.B.
  • Zachariah
  • Nina Rosing

CAST (2060 – ?)

  • Marcus Moore
  • Harold Moore
  • Thomas Wu
  • Everett Kaplan
  • Jessica Guthrie
  • Mei Vickerson
  • Sedrick Neal
  • Ethan Baker
  • Isaac Stevens
  • Franklin Kruase
  • Jason Dara
  • Anthony Ruiz
  • Chad Bockman
  • Eric Baeur
  • Gale Padlecki
  • Richard Clayton
  • O.B.B.
  • Annabel Lee
  • Darius Warren
  • Benjamin Cantrell (Knight)
  • Phillip Teal
  • Wesley Jacobs
  • Patrick Denbury
  • Hugo Jackson
  • Shayla Crenshaw
  • Liza Jackson-Crenshaw
  • Yefvgani Sekarov (Hornet)
  • Zachariah
  • Forge
  • Melissa Moore


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